Our Mission

The Hoocak Waaziija Haci Language Division is dedicated to ensuring the Hoocak Language continues to be a "LIVING LANGUAGE". As a sign of respect to our elders, and the speakers that have come before us. We will continu to speak our language, celebrate our customs, respect The Hoocak value system and teach our future Generations the "HOOCAK WAY OF LIFE"

LAP Logo

It is the mission of the LAP to move the Language Apprentices towards its goal of creating new teachers of the language, the language learning process will be supported by providing safe learning environments as well as efficient modes of instruction.

Hocak Academy Logo

The Hoocak Academy is a community outreach program for language teaching for the Language Division. Hoocak Academy is a language revitalization program that will consistently work to engage existing learners, as well as acquire new language learners to utilize the HA resources.